It turns out that wisdom teeth extractions aren’t ~that~ scary after all

I got my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. Another thing to check off the “I am an adult” list.

I was actually not as anxious as I thought I would be. Mostly because I was going to be under general anesthesia and it would be over before I knew it. Aside from the brief pain of the needle going in, it just felt like I had a good nap. I woke up in the recovery room really comfortably. The single downside was that half my face was numb but that’s unavoidable. Also, they changed my gauze before I left and I nearly threw up at the amount of blood. And then I had to change my own gauze, which was the worst part. The local anesthesia on my face wore off unevenly too, so the left half of my face was fine, but only the lower right side of my face was numb and it felt weird. Also highly inconvenient when trying to eat.

I’m still not entirely sure that the sockets are healing okay because it seemed like the bleeding just wouldn’t stop yesterday. I ran out of gauze and didn’t have any tea bags so I just kind of left it alone? And went to sleep lmao probably not the best decision. But hey, I’m pretty sure I’m not bleeding anymore. Even if I end up with dry sockets they’ll still heal eventually.

Surprisingly, it’s day 2 and there’s not much swelling at all. My cheeks are slightly swelled because I can feel them slightly pressed against my teeth on the inside, but I can even smile normally right now.

I’ve heard that day 3 is the worst day for pain/swelling, so fingers crossed that I’ll survive TT

I think I’m still a little delirious right now? Because the sentences I’m typing are a little strange. The painkillers make me nauseous even when I eat something with it. Plus I have no appetite in the first place because I’m nauseous. Ugh…

The dental place called to check up and they said I can start rinsing and brushing my teeth now. But like, what if I disturb the blood clots? I’ll probably wait another few hours just to give myself peace of mind.

I looked in my mouth yesterday to check the bleeding and man, that was the worst idea I’ve had all year because there’s this giant freaking hole in my mouth and it’s scary af????? So now I can’t stop worrying because what if something gets stuck in there?? And causes an infection???? I mean, the surgeon gave me antibiotics but still.

All I want to do is sleep because that’s when it’s most comfortable but I still have to take my medications on time TT

Fingers crossed that there are no complications in recovery

Not so cheers this time (-﹏-。)


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