A semi-adult, simple guide to packing

I’m going on a trip next week, so why not write a post about packing? Like all the other posts on this blog, this is actually mostly so I can remind myself about all this stuff lol

I’ve never really struggled with packing issues of any kind, so I figured I must be doing something right.

  1. Make a damn list
    1. Especially for longer trips with more stuff
    2. Not only do you remember to pack everything, but you can also use it as a guide for the return trip to make sure you didn’t forget anything
    3. If there’s a lot of stuff, I recommend listing things by category
    4. Yeah, there’s those pre-made checklists, which might work for some people sometimes, but what you pack really mostly depends on where you’re going and what stuff you actually use, so those pre-made checklists never work for me
  2. Clothes and shoes and stuff
    1. I tend to roll all the clothes that can be rolled, so I do this for packing as well. Especially helpful if the suitcase has those ridges on the bottom where the handles are. Or if folding, you can put like socks and stuff in the space between the ridges to create a flat surface for the bigger clothes.
    2. Sneakers + slightly dressier flat shoes you can still walk in are pretty much all the shoes you should need. Maybe some flip flops or slippers depending on location.
    3. IDK I tend to dress fairly simply in the first place, and I tend to gravitate towards dark neutrals in everyday wear, so I usually don’t have trouble only packing a few items that I can wear and combine in different ways.
  3. Toiletries
    1. The less you have to bring, the better
    2. For stuff like that nice perfume you don’t want to lose, just go to Sephora and ask for samples.
    3. In fact, if convenient, just go multiple times and get your entire skincare/makeup routine in sample form. Get multiple samples if the trip is long enough.
    4. Seriously, Sephora is really nice about samples. Maybe buy a little something if you feel guilty.
    5. Nothing over 100 mL for carry-ons on US flights, duh
    6. Walmart and places similar to walmart sell those little travel size containers you can use for lotion and such
    7. I just keep in my suitcase a bunch of those larger plastic baggies you’re supposed to put all the liquids in so I don’t forget
  4. Always bring a charger for your electronics!!!!
  5. To ease anxiety, I like to write down things I need to do before and after the trip in addition to a packing list
  6. Seriously, check airline guidelines for things you can and can’t bring
  7. Keep an empty (or filled, if you’re past security at the airport) water bottle with you at all times
  8. Anti-nausea medication is your friend.
  9. I took an Amtrak train once and it was 500 times better than a plane so if you’re not in a hurry to get there, consider taking a train instead
    1. It’s a lot cheaper
    2. The seats are nice and large
    3. You get a better baggage allowance
    4. Not a lot of people take it so you might have empty seats next to you
    5. The motion of the train is not as bad as air turbulence imo

This turned into a traveling guide instead of just packing, but whatever lol

Also, I once flew first class (the only reason was because I had frequent flyer miles and the points needed for first class and economy was the same). Man, what a difference. The seats are larger, the snacks are so much better, and best of all, you get to board and deplane first. Honestly, that’s motivation to make more money right there.

Anyways, packing isn’t really a big deal as long as you’re organized.

Cheers (´꒳`∗)


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