A modified Level 10 Life

Let’s not think about the election for a bit. Now is the time for self-care and focusing on your own well-being.

The level 10 life is a way to evaluate your life and how satisfied you are with yourself. There’s goal-setting involved, but there’s no “best” way to live your life. It’s evaluating where you are compared to the life that you want to have for yourself. There are 10 main categories. A more in-depth explanation of the level 10 life is here.

The thing is, some of these categories don’t apply to me. Most prominently marriage, because I’m not married and likely never will be, and I’m also not in a significant relationship at this point. So I scrapped that.

Another change I made: a lot of people like to make their level 10 life spread in their bullet journal all colorful and have the 10 levels arranged in a circle. I personally like bar graphs, so I went with that.

To me, the level 10 life thing is strongly associated with the bullet journal because almost all the people I’ve seen do it have their spread in their bullet journal. And so, I think that it’s as customizable as a bullet journal is. So really, the guidelines are just very loose and you can do whatever you want.

Here’s mine:


As you can see, I kind of messed up with some of the bars. I tend to underrate a lot of things, and I also kept on comparing myself to others. But I realized that this is about me and me alone, so I re-evaluated how satisfied I was with my life in these ten areas and got some new levels.

My ten areas were (1) family & friends, (2) personal growth, (3) spirituality, (4) finances, (5) career, (6) education, (7) fun & recreation, (8) giving & contribution, (9) physical environment, and (10) health & fitness. Honestly, I actually think 10 areas is a little bit of an overkill, and when I re-create this in my new bullet journal for next year, it’s definitely going to go through some adjustments. Honestly, after considering all of these areas of my life, some of these things just aren’t that important to me.

A closer look at the goals I’ve set:


Just wanted to get this out there and have a more “public” (quotes because hardly anyone even reads this blog lmao) record of it.

Cheers ¯\_( ◉ 3 ◉ )_/¯


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