My Favorite Fanfiction

I’ve written about fanfiction before here, and about shipping here. But yeah, I love fanfiction. Mostly because you already know all the world elements and characters and everything is already set up so you can just jump right into the story. So nice.

I posted about my favorite books/novels a little while ago, so now it’s fanfiction’s turn. Honestly, I’m just keeping a list here for my own future use.

This is a list in no particular order. Organized by fandom. Website it’s found on and fandom is in parentheses.

  • Painting With Words (AO3; Haikyuu!!)
    • A short-ish KageHina AU where Kageyama is an artist and Hinata is a writer and they communicate with paintings and poems. Super cute. The poems are great too. Also there’s a sequel from Kageyama’s point of view.
  • Lucky Stars (AO3; Haikyuu!!)
    • My ultimate weakness is IwaOi. A oneshot about their relationship in the future.
  • i thee wed (AO3; Free!)
    • I think this is the most loved MakoHaru fanfic on AO3?  It’s a long oneshot on the lives of Makoto and Haru up until their twenties and it’s about how they’ve been married like forever.
  •  Mawwiage (AO3; Free!)
    • The childhood friends to lovers trope is the best, I love it so much. Another Makoto and Haru are married oneshot, haha. It’s super cute.
  • Saikyo Romance (AO3; Eyeshield 21)
    • Takes place when they’re all in college. A couple of former players start a BL webcomic parody of all the teams and players. It’s amazing. A pity there’s only like 3 chapters because I would pay to read a 50-chapter version haha.
  • Hanabi (FFnet; Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
    • A slice-of-life oneshot where Gokudera helps Tsuna with math. It’s really funny.
  • Resistance is Futile (FFnet; Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
    • A parody on the Mary-Sue OC self-insert stories that infest the KHR fandom. Not meant to the taken seriously. Hilarious. Also unfinished TT TT
  • Keeping Your Character (FFnet; Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
    • And now, an actual OC self-insert story that’s actually very good. It’s pretty funny. The OC is reborn (hehe) as an older and female version of Lambo. No pairings. Updates slowly.
  • Keelhauled into a Hurricane (AO3 and FFnet; One Piece)
    • I usually don’t like reading One Piece fanfiction because the original story is so satisfying that I don’t even want to read fanfics. But this one is great. I don’t even ship LawLu, but it’s great. The author is funny (and also calls out Sanji on his misogynistic bullshit).
  • The Mafia King (FFnet; One Piece X Katekyo Hitman Reborn! crossover)
    • Where Luffy somehow ends up reborn (hehe) as Tsuna. A long oneshot I wish was longer. Luffy’s antics are hilarious, as usual.
  • hands remember (AO3; Kuroko no Basket)
    • This is the only sad fic on this list. I mean, it has a happy ending but it’s sad and I cried during both of the times I’ve read this. An AkaFuri AU where Akashi is an illegitimate son and Furihata is a servant with anterograde amnesia. I don’t even ship them but this story is very well-written.
  • let’s do that again (AO3; Pacific Rim X Attack on Titan crossover)
    • Where the SnK cast is reincarnated into the Pacific Rim world and is so done with the whole giant monsters crap.
  • this will never happen (AO3; Homestuck)
    • A nostalgic nod to an old fandom. A beautiful oneshot over the course of John and Dave’s lives. JohnDave isn’t even canon but I used to ship them so hard lol.
  • The Only Emperor (AO3; BBC Sherlock)
    • An AU where Sherlock and John open an ice cream shop. Honestly, I think you should read it just to see the flavors Sherlock comes up with.
  • Next Big Thing (AO3; Inception)
    • The AU of all AUs. Also super meta. I watched Inception like once in middle school, but you don’t need any knowledge of Inception at all. A fanfic that works as a standalone almost-original fiction. Arthur and Eames (I don’t even know who they are in the movie lol) are celebrity judges on an interior design competition show. It’s super long and has a bajillion comments because while the fic was ongoing it interacted a lot with the readers. I followed this fic starting from like chapter 4, and boy, was it an experience.
  • Two and a Half Men (FFnet; Harry Potter)
    • A cute Drarry slice-of-life featuring Scorpius, aka the cutest little boy ever. It’s literally all domestic fluff.
  • Harry Potter and the Duke’s New Clothes (AO3; Harry Potter)
    • An AU where Harry is a Duke and wizarding society is all posh and Victorian-like. I tend to be kind of back-and-forth about political HP fics, because sometimes I really like them (like this one) and sometimes I have no patience for it. But this one I really like. A little bit of Dumbledore-and-Ron-bashing though, but not that much.
  • Harry the Hufflepuff (FFnet; Harry Potter)
    • Harry is just super lazy and ends up in Hufflepuff and uses magic to be even lazier. I love it. An oldie but goodie.

Hey, if you came away with new fics to read, great! Happy reading!

Cheers (✿◡‿◡)


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