Asexual Awareness Week

Asexuality describes people who do not experience sexual attraction. Like many other identities, asexuality is a spectrum (e.g. people who are gray-A may experience very little sexual attraction). This is not to be confused with romantic orientation, because many people who are ace are still romantically attracted to others. (People who do not experience romantic attraction are called aromantic, and that identity is not interchangeable with asexuality.) People who are asexual are often “invisible”, because this is an identity that can be both easily hidden and extremely difficult for people to understand. Thus, Asexual Awareness Week, held during the last week(ish) of October every year. This year, it’s 10/23 – 10/29. Find out more on their website!


I’m normally pretty closeted about my identity(ies) but since it is ace awareness week, I’d like to make you all aware that I am asexual. That said, for me, being asexual has very little impact on my personal life, so I actually don’t think about it that much. To me, it’s simply a label that describes me best out of all the labels for sexuality out there. That’s it.

And so, even though I maintain involvement in the ace community online, and even was a leader in my campus ace group, I don’t actually feel like I’m a great person to represent or advocate for asexuality, because it’s such a small part of my overall identity as a person. So yeah, just putting that out there. But I mean, I’m still going to do as much as I feel like I can and should to raise awareness for such an often-ignored-and-misunderstood identity. Because this is still a community I’m a part of and it’s something a good human being should do.

What I can do is link to resources written by people more informed than I am.

AVEN-The Asexual Visibility and Education Network. The online ace community. I was lucky enough to actually meet the founder at one point, and he’s a pretty cool guy. There’s also a forum.

There’s also the AVENwiki.

The Asexual Census– The blog of an annual census of the online asexual community. It’s run by volunteers, so the results are a little bit backlogged, but still very informative about the ace community.

Asexuality Archive– A pretty great blog. (Take note that it is written by one person, though.)

There are also a bunch of other places on the internet where you can find ace info/resources. Tumblr is one, though you do have to be careful, because it’s Tumblr. There’s also reddit and livejournal and any number of social media places where there are communities of ace people. We aren’t alone, y’all.

This blog has a really low readership, because it’s my personal blog and I don’t really care to promote it. Even so, I hope that anyone reading this has an open mind and come away with a better understanding to asexuality.

Cheers (*゚ー゚)ゞ



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