BTS WINGS (AHHH!!) Mini review/impressions

BTS has finally made their highly anticipated comeback with their second full studio album WINGS. I was so hyped for this, with all the short films and theories, and then the comeback trailer and concept photos just hyped it up even more, and wow. The album was definitely not what I excepted (solo songs!!!), but I love it.


I should mention that I’m not all that knowledgeable about music, and I’m even all that into k-pop or hip-hop or anything, so this is just going to my personal impressions of the songs. I tend to place a lot of emphasis on lyrics and the meaning of the songs. A close second is how the music sounds in general, like the melody, beat, how easy it is to listen to, etc. I’m not well-versed in music production or theory, so that doesn’t really mean all that much to me.

  1. Intro: Boy Meets Evil
    • The song is so lit. The lyrics are beautiful.
    • Also dat video. Oh man Hobi killed it (and all the fangirls too). The dance was so intense; I really hope he performs it on stage. Also low-key hoping he wears the loose shirt again ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)
  2. Blood Sweat and Tears
    • This is actually probably my favorite song on this album. Which is a surprise, because the title song hasn’t been my favorite since N.O on O!RUL82? haha. I mean, Run was up there, but HHYH pt.2 is still my favorite out of all BTS albums for good reason so…
    • Anyways, BST is amazing. The STYLING. They all look like sexy vampire princes and I’m all for it. Yoongi finally has black hair again, bless. Also Jin legit looks like perfection; that pink hair suits him so much (I still like his dark brown hair best, but damn, the pink is so pretty). Also Jimin killing all the fangirls lol
    • The video was so gorgeous (how to be a statue??)
    • The song itself was a little bit of a surprise, because the teaser was that high part with Tae and Kook, so I the song was going to be slower. But it’s actually pretty fast. And the choreo is a blessing, honestly.
  3. Begin (Jungkook solo)
    • On V app, Kookie was so embarrassed explaining his song, awwww
    • It’s really heart-warming that he wrote about all the members helping him when he first moved to Seoul. Like can you imagine moving to a big city all by yourself at like 14 years old and chasing an uncertain dream? And look how he turned out, all muscly and meme-y and golden.
    • I feel like this song suits Jungkook a lot. It even sounds sort of like a song from an up-and-coming songwriter, which Jungkook kind of is?
  4. Lie (Jimin solo)
    • ngl, Jimin’s short film was my favorite. It was just so… nice. The aesthetics was my favorite. And also he danced beautifully in it. And gosh the vocals. So I had high expectations going into this song.
    • Jimin just completely surpassed those expectations, because damn, I love this song. It’s definitely one of my favorites. It’s got kind of a… Latin music feel? Idk. Also there’s that part with the sort of creepy background vocals that was really cool.
  5. Stigma (V solo)
    • Ooooo that high note though
    • Taehyung has such a deep voice, which is really nice to listen to.
    • The general mood of the song is just very nice, especially in the car. (I like listening to this album on the way to work.)
    • Also, his short film was amazing (the puppy!!!!!!!)
  6. First Love (Suga solo)
    • I legit teared up reading the lyrics. But that’s happened with a lot of Yoongi’s songs. Why must you hurt me in this way TT TT Min Suga you dangerous man… I’m going to sue you. I’m going to report you.
    • Overall, Yoongi’s voice is probably my favorite in BTS. It’s just so calming. But then his songs just stab you in the heart like who’s calm now
    • Piano feels just generally hit me pretty hard, because I played for ten years before I quit in college and now I really miss it.
  7. Reflection (Rap Monster solo)
    • Namjoon’s lyrics hit me pretty hard with this one too. I think I can relate to this song the most, honestly, and I try to not listen to it too much because of that. Like I actively avoid listening to it because for me personally, it just makes me feel worse and reminds me of all my problems that I keep trying to run away from.
    • I really like the recording in the beginning of the place he goes to write songs and reflect on himself, though. That’s a nice touch.
  8. MAMA (J-hope solo)
    • Two solos in the same album!!! HOBI RISE
    • I love this song a lot. Hoseok is such a beautiful human being, like how are you even real??
    • This song sounds so happy and upbeat! And it’s such a great song!! And so sincere and just… I love that when they write their personal songs it’s about the members and their family and their personal life it’s so wonderful. Such a treat for the fans.
  9. Awake (Jin solo)
    • My favorite of all the solos. Kim Seokjin is just. An angel. Too good for this world, too pure. Protect Kim Seokjin at all costs.
    • The whole orchestral sound is just, so fitting. For an angel.
    • And his voice!!! It’s so clear and beautiful. I knew I was going to love this song the second I heard it in the short film.
    • The lyrics are heart-breaking. YOU ARE MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH!!!! YOU CAN FLY TOO!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE ALREADY FLYING IN MY EYES!!!!! TT TT He sings don’t cry but how can we not cry TT TT
  10. Lost
    • A vocal line song!! So exciting
    • This song really resonated with me, as a twenty-something who’s trying to figure out life. But it’s also very hopeful, like, you’re going to be okay. And either way, BTS is also walking the path of adulthood with you.
    • It’s a nice reminder that they’re also normal people with doubts and fears and feelings. Even though our situations are vastly different, they’re also going through a lot of changes so common with young adults, so I’m really glad they sang about this.
    • Also, all their voices are beautiful. The combination of all the voices is exactly the right; their voices are different enough that you can tell them apart easily, but their tones work well together.
  11. Cypher Pt. 4
    • At first listen, I was actually kind of let down with this. Maybe because everyone was just anticipating this so much (it’s been two years since pt. 3, after all, and pt. 3 was so lit). So when Cypher pt. 4 ended up being a little… strange? I wasn’t really sure what to think. Especially the beat??
    • Honestly, it’s still never going to my favorite song, but I kind of think that this song is very playful and tongue-in-cheek. Rap line is already very good, and they know it, and we know it, so who cares about the haters? That kind of thing. As usual, Yoongi’s verse is my fave, haha.
    • Also, Yoongi going Why is it my fault for your mediocre life OOOOOHHHHHH
  12. Am I Wrong
    • Haha, the choreo for this song is so silly and cute.
    • This song is definitely one that had to grow on me. I didn’t really like it on the first listen, but I like it more and more with each listen. It kind of sounds like there’s the too much going on in the song.
    • Also, the backing vocals going “am I wrong” that doesn’t sound like any of them (maybe one of the producers?), I’m not the biggest fan of. It just sounds so weird?? I don’t know, but I don’t like the tone of it.
  13. 21st Century Girls
    • Ah, how far they’ve come since Boy in Luv and Danger. I have to wonder if this was written after they were called out for the misogynistic lyrics.
    • In general, while I do appreciate songs that support a more positive self-image for women, I’m a little tired of them coming from men. Like, honestly, you saying that this girl looks perfect to you and she’s perfect in your eyes doesn’t mean shit. The only person who has to like her physical appearance is her, get over yourself. There was little tidbits in this song that kind of seemed like that.
    • I mean, on the other hand, hearing your favorite idol or celebrity crush say things like you look perfect to me can be a confidence booster as well, so… Also there were only a few lines I had a problem with, the rest was really great. What progress since War of Hormone!
    • Otherwise, I do like that the one song on this album about girls is a positive one where they’re trying to give their fangirls a better self-image and confidence.
    • And it’s so energetic!! And upbeat!!! And the choreo is so gosh darn adorable. Yoongi was so happy and bouncing around on stage, , which was what really sold me on this song.
  14. Two! Three! (Still I hope there are good days)
    • I was confused about the title until I realized that it was the Two, Three Namjoon says before they do their greeting, haha.
    • I like that they try to connect with their fans on a closer basis than most idols. In addition to this song, there’s the twitter, and the v app, and the bangtan bombs and episodes, and the covers. So good to their fans, and then this too. BTS has always seemed to be more like regular non-idol people than most other k-pop idols, because they and their company lets them be so free in expressing themselves. Plus they hardly ever even try to act like idols lol they’re more like your goofy friends.
    • The song overall sounds very genuine, and I can just imagine everyone singing it at a concert while all the fans cry. I love when they have group vocals. They did it in Young Forever too, and it was beautiful then and it’s beautiful now.
  15. Interlude: Wings
    • The lalala-ing is back again, lol
    • Okay, but I’m so suspicious of this… Interlude?? So is there going to be a version S of the album??? (I’m not the biggest fan of re-leased albums; Young Forever has so much new content that it didn’t feel like a special repackage, but who knows. They did one for Skool Luv Affair, but haven’t since.)
    • Speaking of out-of-the-ordinary things about this album, there’s no skit. I was kind of looking forward to one, tbh.
    • As for the song itself, another one of those hopeful songs that BTS is so good at. No matter how many they release, they’re all very healing in their own ways. Keep them coming, please. (Though nothing can top Tomorrow for me~) This one is about not doubting yourself, and keeping on working hard to fly on your own wings. It’s wonderful.

Overall, really really great. I love that there are solo songs, because each member deserves the spotlight, because they are all very talented and wonderful in their own ways. I love how this albums really showcases how much of themselves BTS puts into their music.

Please feel free to leave a comment about what you thought about the album!

Cheers ♪٩(✿′ᗜ‵✿)۶♪


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