25 before 25 bucket list

I had my birthday recently, so I decided to make a bucket list.


  1. Raise a plant successfully
    • The easy to care ones count!
  2. Live independently
    • Roommates okay, just not dependent on parents
  3. Travel alone for vacation
    • I’ve actually travelled alone before, but it was never just for fun
  4. Go to grad school
    • More of a dream/career goal than bucket list, but this is definitely something I want to do so…
  5. Establish a skincare routine
    • I’m focusing on making sure it’s the best for my skin
  6. Own a car
    • No matter how great public transportation is, you might still sometimes buy things that are too heavy to carry very far
  7. Be comfortable in your own body
    • An obvious thing
  8. Dye your hair
    • I secretly want to dye my hair a deep blue/purple
  9. Take a long scenic train ride
    • A few months ago, I took Amtrak from St. Louis to Chicago for a conference, and it was great. I want to go on one of those multiple day trips.
  10. Donate to charity
    • Regularly if possible
  11. Volunteer for something you believe in
    • I almost didn’t fill this in, because I do it from home (online)
  12. Have a full emergency savings fund
    • Still saving up now
  13. Learn to make a fancy meal/dish
    • More so that I can eat it than for dinner parties lol
  14. Exercise regularly
    • Being healthy is good
  15. Start playing piano again
    • I miss it a lot, more than I ever expected to
  16. Write a short story
    • Fanfiction counts!
  17. Try a food that scares you
    • By scares, I mean like scared that it’ll taste really bad, like brussels sprouts. Not scared as in, like, live octopus. Never going to do that
  18. Go to a cat cafe
    • Or just own a cat. I love cats
  19. Re-read One Piece (from beginning to end)
    • Haha… good luck with that one
  20. Watch a movie in the movie theater
    • I haven’t been to the movie theater in so long. It’s all streaming nowadays
  21. Laze around in bed all day
    • Without feeling guilty
  22. Build/assemble a piece of furniture
    • Maybe start with something small and not from Ikea
  23. Make a fancy cake/dessert
    • Again, for me to eat
  24. Fly in first class
    • With a coincidence with how my frequent flyer miles worked out, economy seats were the same cost as first class, so of course I booked first class. It was a short flight though, from St. Louis to Atlanta. It was so comfortable. Now I want to do that for a longer flight.
  25. Go to Disney World
    • I’ve been there a couple of times, but it’s been several years. I live in Georgia, so it’s not that far… A cruise would be nice too.

You’ll notice that some of these I’ve already done. They’re still things I’ve always wanted to do sometime in my life, so I think they still belong on the bucket list. It’s just that at the time I made this particular list, I’ve already accomplished it. There’s still 22 things I have left to do anyways.

If you have a bucket list, feel free to leave a comment below!

Cheers ∗˚(* ˃̤൬˂̤ *)˚∗


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