Fall Anime 2016: First Impressions

It’s that time of year again. New anime season!!!

After a somewhat lackluster spring and summer, I’m finally really excited for the fall lineup. So many that I’ve been waiting for.

ajin s2.jpgAjin Season 2. This was one of my most anticipated shows this season. I loved the first season so much, which was a surprise at the time, since I generally don’t like the 3D type animation style. But oh man, the story is great. I also really like the protagonist; I think it’s really interesting having a protagonist who’s kind of a sociopath and kind of an all-around asshole. But like, sometimes you also think he makes sense. So I’m really looking forward to seeing what he and the others will do this time. I haven’t read the manga yet, so I don’t know what’s coming, and I’m really excited!

The first episode picked up right where the first season left off, with just a little bit of a refresher, so it was really easy to get back into things. As always, it makes me want to watch the next episode like immediately. The soundtrack is wonderful as well. The opening and ending song changed, sadly; I really loved both from the first season, but I’m not too into this season’s songs.

classicaloid.jpgClassicaLoid. What even is this show though. There’s caricatures of (mostly) classical composers and they somehow have magical girl powers? And there’s giant mecha?? Who even knows.

I used to play piano, so I kind of know my way around all the big composers and such, so I thought this show might be interesting. It sure is interesting. In an interesting way. I don’t know, it’s just so bizarre??? I don’t know what to make of it just yet. I think I’ll at least give it a couple of more episodes before I decide, but if I get busy, this show is at the top of the drop list…

drifters.jpgDrifters. I was semi-excited for this show. I read the manga a little bit several years ago, but I kind of drifted away (lol) from it. The author, Kouta Hirano, is also the author of Hellsing, which I love (I’ve watched Hellsing Ultimate so many times, y’all).

The whole afterlife/time-travel thing is kind of strange, but I remember liking the parts of the manga I did read, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m not a huge Japanese history buff, but I do like a good ol’ gory battle anime sometimes, and this one will do.


haikyuu-s3Haikyuu!! Season 3. Ah, Haikyuu. How I’ve missed you. I keep up with the manga, so it’s been a while since the Shiratorizawa match. They’re going to be spreading it out over 10 entire episodes, which sounds like a lot, but this is a 5-set match. The Shiratorizawa game is actually far from my favorite game of the series (I’m a fan of Aobajousai and Datekou more), so I’m just watching it because I like the entire series. It’s always nice seeing the action animated. Not much else to say, to be honest.


hibike euphonium 2.jpgHibike! Euphonium Season 2. Another show I’ve been eagerly looking forward to. As expected from KyoAni, the animation is crisp and very pretty. I was pleasantly surprised by the double-length first episode; it almost felt like a movie.

And of course, my girls were as cute as ever. They even went on a festival/fireworks date lol. The focus does shift to the second-years this time, but it’s still very much about the band and their dynamics as a whole. Drama isn’t something I’m a huge fan of, but when it’s wrapped up in such a good-looking animation package, I can definitely get behind it.

shuumatsu no izetta.jpgShuumatsu no Izetta. I was a little iffy about this show as first. The PVs didn’t really give you much to go on, and this is an original anime I believe. I was, and still am, hoping for a legit yuri this time, and it seems to be actually going in that direction (who knows if it’s going to end up like Eupho though…).

I was very pleasantly surprised for the first episode. The animation quality is pretty good, and the voice cast is great as well. Hayami Saori continues to voice a strong female character, which is great. Let me tell you about how fine Princes Fine is okay. She’s so cool. She does her job as a leader and heir of a country well, and she also seems to be a genuinely good and kind person? I’m just really glad she’s not acting in the more stereotypical delicate flower princess way nor the other stereotypical brash reckless princess way. (It’s like writers only know the extremes of having a princess character act either as a damsel in distress or some kind of caricature of a man-hater.) Also, her witch girlfriend seems cool too. I can definitely see how their relationship could develop well, and I’m crossing my fingers that if there’s any focus on their relationship, it will go in that direction.

udon no kuni.jpgUdon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari. Another show I’m iffy about. I feel like after Barakamon and Amaama to Inazuma, there’s just going to be one of those heart-warming single guy takes care of small child shows every other season. So far, there isn’t really any aspect of this particular one that really draws me in or catches my attention. But then, it has only been one episode. Barakamon didn’t really draw me in until 2 or 3 episodes in, so I’ll give it at least that. (I don’t think anything can beat Barakamon for me though.) It’s a bit of a pity that Udon no Kuni is almost inevitably going to be compared like that, since it’s otherwise not a bad premise.

watashi ga motete.jpgWatashi ga Moutete Dousunda (Kiss Him Not Me). Oh boy. So the author of the original manga is actually more known as a BL author. I’ve actually read many of Junko’s works before this one. Her art style is one that I really like, and Kiss Him Not Me looked like a funny parody kind of story, so of course I read it. And it is funny, most of the time.

I’ve talked about my thoughts on shipping before, so I won’t get into it, but there’s definitely parts of the story that I extreme side-eye at. Then again, the anime is pretty much the same as the manga so far, so I went in with my expectations at about the same level they delivered at. It’s okay, I guess. As with the manga, the only character I like is Mutsumi-senpai. Like, I don’t even know why they’re trying to make it into an otome game-like situation when clearly Mutsumi is the only decent one there. But that’s just my opinion.

yuri on ice.jpgYuri!!! On Ice. Finally. FINALLY!!!! I saved the best for last. Ever since the first PV was released, I’ve been waiting for this to air. Just the PV raised expectations for this show so high, because the animation was so fluid and pretty, and the music was great too. And man, the first episode just surpassed those expectations even more. Where do I even start with this?

First, the music. The opening song, History Maker by Dean Fujioka, has been on repeat since it was released. Even now. Even when BTS just released their highly-anticipated album WINGS (which is also really great) like three days afterwards, History Maker is still on repeat (along with the entire Wings album lol). I love it so much. Plus, the opening sequence is beautiful.

Which leads us to the animation. Oh my god. After the disappointment of Cheer Danshi, Yuri on Ice has completely healed me. It’s so good. SO GOOD. There’s an entire free skate routine. The way that the bodies move, and the camera angles, and they even captured the two different skating styles… Ahhhhhh. I’m in love. Honestly, even if you’re not going to watch this show, I think it’s worth it to watch at least the first episode just for that scene. And of course, animation for the rest of the episode was wonderful as well, it’s just that one scene that’s the scenestealer.

And then the characters and story. The first episode only really showed Katsuki Yuri’s character a lot (I mean, he is the main character). And he’s very human in a way that is endearing to a lot of people. It’s a very nice kind of personality that will make it really satisfying to watch him try to get back on his feet (skates) and win the Grand Prix. I love that even in the first episode, it’s uplifting. Yuri is upset and a bit depressed, but you can clearly tell that he still loves skating and hasn’t quite given up yet. Victor and the other Yuri seem to be promising as well. The only thing I have a little bit of reservation about is the potential fujoshi baiting, but I’ve gotten desensitized with Free, so it’s not a huge deal when I weigh it against the show’s positive points. I’m so excited for the rest of the episodes. I’m really really really hoping that the studio can keep up the beauty of the first episode with the rest of them too. If Yuri on Ice continues what it’s doing, I think this will definitely be one of my, if not the, favorite shows of the year.

This season is looking really great so far. So many shows that I’m excited about and look forward to each week.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you’re watching anything this season!

Cheers (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ


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