Mystic Messenger: Jaehee route mini review

Screenshot_20161007-184832.pngHelp, I’ve fallen into the black hole that is Mystic Messenger, and I can’t get up.

Mystic Messenger is a Korean smartphone dating sim game in the format of a chat room. You mysteriously end up with an app on your phone where you talk to various men and one woman, and you plan a party with them, basically. Here is a walk-through.

And me being me, obviously I went for Jaehee’s route first. This is the only route with a woman, and it’s the gal pal route, but close enough I guess. Jaehee is wonderful, okay.

Some spoilers ahead!


Okay, so a quick overall impression of the game first. It’s a really interesting format, because almost everything is in chat room and text message format. There’s the occasional visual novel scene as well. You still only have a few options to respond with, and can only respond at pre-set times (I would imagine that it would get too complicated for the developers otherwise lol).

The thing about this game is that it’s high-maintenance. You play the entire game in 11 days (less if you get an early bad end). In that time, the chat room opens every few hours or so. You can only participate in a chat in the few hours between when that chat room opens and when the next chat room opens. It’s kind of frustrating, because you inevitably miss a few while you’re sleeping. And so then you have to pay hourglasses to access the old chats. It is possible to play the entire thing without paying for anything; you can get hourglasses by exchanging hearts or sometimes you get them during chats. And you can still good end without completing all of the chats. But still.

A quick summary of Jaehee’s route too. Because I want to relive it.

Jaehee Kang is an assistant working under Jumin Han (another playable character). She’s very hardworking and productive, but is also a little unsure of herself and her path in life. At first, she is cautious with you, but opens up more and more as you message her. She’s so precious okay. She likes coffee a lot. Also she sends you messages like this:
Screenshot_20160930-200900.png So sweet! Jaehee, I love you!!

Anyways, I’ve actually only played her good end so far, and that’s it. I’m currently taking a break, because I can’t handle her other ends (even the normal end) or the other routes. I was originally going to go to Jumin’s route next, but ugh, he was such a jerk in Jaehee’s route that I can’t do it. Even if he has a cat. Even then, Jaehee is more important.

Screenshot_20161007-184935.pngLook at how cool she is!! Actual perfection (and I’m not talking about her looks, even though she is really hot too). So in the good end, she becomes really interested in coffee, and slowly starts finding what she really wants to do with her life, which causes some problems with Jumin. But all you have to do is constantly support her.

She fangirls over Zen too, which is super cute. And a little heartbreaking because she starts out caring for him more, and you’re just in the sidelines like notice me too, please!! But she eventually does, and you get to be her most important person at the end huhu. She ends up quitting her job at Jumin’s company, and she asks you to partner with her in starting up a coffee shop business. So the good end is literally a coffee shop AU. I’m swooning.


Yes, I will be your partner. Forever and ever. Pls marry me.

Anyways, Mystic Messenger is really fun if you have the time available to play it. (Thank goodness my workplace is very lenient about cell phones and stuff.)

Please leave a comment if you’ve played any of the game, and tell me what you think!

Cheers ٩(♡ε♡ )۶


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