My favorite cooking manga (mini reviews)

You’d never think that cooking and food would make for very exciting manga, but there are a lot (?) out there and I’ve read several.


If you think I’m starting this post with Shokugeki no Soma, you are wrong.


The first cooking manga I ever read was Yakitate!! Japan. It focuses on bread (pan), and the protag wants to create a Japanese bread, hence Ja-pan (lmao). Also his name is Azuma Kazuma, which is like the best name ever. Like William Williams.

There’s the requisite over-the-top reactions to the bread. And by over-the-top I mean like Pierrot getting sent back in time over the top. It’s ridiculous. I mostly like it for nostalgic reasons, but also because all the bread looks really delicious. Nothing like good old carbs, yum. Also, there’s not that much fanservice? A little near the beginning, and on the book jackets, but not much at all. The entire thing is basically Azuma making bread and Kawachi over-reacting. That it that’s the story. Also lots of puns lol.

This manga is completed with 200+ chapters, and there’s also a 60+ episode anime that mostly follows the manga.

shokugeki s2.jpg

Okay, fine. Now I’ll talk about Shokugeki no Soma. It is really popular right now, after all. And the food is just so delicious. Also, a plus for having a wide variety of food. You’ve got all the courses covered, plus some international food influences.

I’m not a huge fan of many of the characters, to be honest, which is why it’s not my favorite. Like, I literally only like Megumi (my goddess), and the Aldini brothers. But damn, they all make really good food. I can’t read or watch this without having something to snack on nearby.

The plot doesn’t interest me a whole lot, but I keep on reading because food.

The manga is ongoing, and so is the anime.



So Addicted to Curry is actually a distant memory for me. I read it way back when (around when I first read yakitate japan I think, and was looking for other cooking manga). So yeah, as the title says, it’s about this guy who makes curry. I never read too far so I’m not entirely sure about the plot. But there was fanservice which I didn’t like, so I ended up dropping it. But I do remember that the food looked really really really good.

This manga is also quite old (?), so the art style is not really my thing. It’s not a ‘clean’ as, say, Shokugeki. But hey, if you really like curry or something, check this out I guess?

I don’t think there’s an anime, but MAL tells me the manga is completed at 500+ chapters. (How does curry last for 500+ chapters??)

hell's kitchen.jpg

I’ll be honest, I haven’t read that much of Hell’s Kitchen. My best friend recommended it to me in high school, and I believe it was a new manga at the time? So only like four chapters were scanlated. And I really liked it, but for some reason I never continued reading.

The overall style of it reminds me of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (the demon thing, plus the art style). And that’s the kind of thing I like.

Definitely picking this one up again once I find somewhere to read it.

The manga is apparently finished with 50+ chapters (long chapters, I think? I remember it being a monthly manga). There’s no anime.



This is also a distant memory for me. I read this in middle school, I think? Maybe early high school? It’s not a cooking manga in that it focuses on the cooking. More like a shojo manga that heavily features cooking.

I faintly remember that she runs a cafe? There was also some sort of cooking competition at one point, so that’s what led me to include this into the cooking manga genre in my mind.

The plot is run-of-the-mill shojo. Except for that one plot twist in the middle. So there’s a love triangle, right? (highlight for spoiler) And then halfway through the story, one of the guys die??? It was shocking to see in a what I had thought was a standard sweet shojo with shallow drama. But then it turned all kdrama plot twist lol.

The manga is finished with 50 chapters and there is no anime adaptation.

yumeiro patissiere.jpg

I almost left Yumeiro Patissiere off the list because it’s so cringey. But I’m so weak for dessert. So weak. And the cakes in this manga are so pretty and delicious looking I couldn’t resist.

Just grit your teeth and bear through the shojo cliches.

But the dessert is so good.

But the plot is so ridiculous and cliche.

But the dessert.

The manga is finished and there’s an anime adaptation with 50 episodes. I highly recommend reading the manga because then you can quickly skip through the pages without dessert or the making of dessert on it.

And now we are getting into the manga I like (or kind of like) but doesn’t really count as cooking manga in the sense that cooking is not the main point but still features heavily.


Starting with a currently airing anime, Amaama to Inazuma. A sweet story about a single dad and his toddler daughter. Very cute. I haven’t read the manga, actually, but I watch the anime currently. They cook in every episode and it’s cute.

I like that it features a beginner but is also very normal about the dad being a beginner. Like it’s fine if he can’t cook all that well but at least he’s trying.

To be completely honest, I kind of skip around in the episodes and just watch the cooking portions. Not because I don’t like cute family moments, but because I can get that elsewhere and Amaama to Inazuma doesn’t particularly stand out to me.

Both the manga and the anime are ongoing for this one.


I read Mixed Vegetables a long time ago in middle school. And I remember liking it, but I actually can’t remember all that much about the actual story. MAL tells me that I’ve read all of it, but I can’t remember marking it as complete lol.

It’s a shojo manga, and comes with most of the standard shojo tropes. Both the main characters cook and want to become chefs, which is why I still count this one as a cooking manga.

There are still scenes where there’s delicious looking food, so there’s that. One of them does sushi and the other does sweets.

The art is pretty nice too, if a little “common shojo style” like. The manga is completed, and there is no anime.

recipe no oujisama.jpg

So…. Recipe no Oujisama is also not really about cooking. It’s a short BL manga by Junko. One of the main characters is a chef-in-training and he makes his boyfriend soup? Is mostly what I remember. And his boyfriend accidentally gets food poisoning but it was because he ate some other food, not the soup. That’s it I think.

It’s only like 8 chapters, so there’s not much going on. Junko’s art is always pretty nice. I personally like her style.



And last, but not least, Antique Bakery. I’m not sure, but it feels like this manga kind of has a cult following? I liked it okay, but definitely not as much as some fans do. It’s also BL, and a slightly older one (hence the art style and the slight yaoi hands).

One of the main characters is a pastry chef, and makes delicious things like that cake on the cover. He also owns a bakery? And there’s some sort of past kidnapping incident? I don’t remember much, to be honest, but it’s pretty good.

The manga is finished, and there’s also an old anime adaptation.


And that’s it for the roundup! I love food, though I don’t cook much. Like, I literally just ate instant ramen for lunch today. But maybe these manga will help (or maybe the opposite? lol)

Cheers ໒( ˵ ° ۝ ° ˵ )७



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