Favorite bullet journal weekly spreads

I love weekly spreads so much. And in the bullet journal, you can customize your own however you want so it’s perfect for you. Isn’t that amazing?


Weekly spreads are the perfect way for me to plan out my upcoming week and see everything. I used to do only daily pages in my bullet journal, but then switched to weekly spreads only, and now I use both because that works best for me. In this post, I’ll be showing almost all the weekly spreads I’ve done since I started bullet journaling a few months ago, because they’re all my favorites. I still can’t decide on a layout that I like best, lol.


This was one of the earliest weekly spreads I tried. I think this layout works well if you don’t have a lot of tasks to do during the day, because there’s not a lot of room under each day to write out everything. I guess this would also be great for if you make both weekly spreads and daily pages, which I didn’t at that time.


The first spread for August. I still really like this format for lighter weeks when there isn’t much. I used this format with no problems and didn’t have any daily pages. The only potential issue is if you want a weekly tracker, because there isn’t really any room for it. This was when I was still using a monthly tracker so that didn’t affect me.


This was when I changed it up a lot. All the day spaces are on the left page, and the right page is a giant weekly to-do list. That week, there were some things I had to do that didn’t really have a specific day that I needed to do it by. So I tried this format where I would only put day- or time-specific stuff on the left side, and all other to-dos on the right side.


A spread very similar to the first August spread. I didn’t need quite so much room for each day, so I had smaller boxes for each day. That freed up some space at the bottom for miscellaneous notes and a Next Week section to plan ahead.


Here’s the same spread at the end of the week when I’ve filled it out. This was the week that Suga’s mixtape came out, lol, so I got really excited with the decorations.


I collapsed some days even more for this particular week. Mondays and Tuesday were full days in the lab, so I didn’t have much going on and didn’t need a whole lot of space. While it’s not actually my very favorite spread, I wanted to include it to show that it’s totally fine to have uneven sections for each day in a weekly spread. It just depends on your own personal needs.

The glittery tape thing is actually something I found buried in my drawer from a while back. I think it’s originally supposed to be part of a card (like holiday cards) customizing kit? Not sure, but it sure looks pretty.


Ah, the first spread of September. I started a weekly tracker instead of a monthly. I also went back to having all the daily sections on one page, which worked better than last time because I was also doing daily pages. The weekend box got a little crowded though, haha. I also made the Notes and Next Week sections larger because I found that I liked using them.


Last week’s spread. Once again, I had differently sized sections for each day. This week, Tuesday to Thursday were my full days in the lab, so I squished their sections together a little. In fact, I like this layout so much I’m using it again for this week.

Cheers (๑>ᴗ<๑)


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