Plan with me: September

A new month means a new start to my bullet journal system. I’m always changing it up, because I’m still relatively new to this whole thing. I like trying out all kinds of layouts and formats to find what works best for me.


This month, the biggest change is definitely my monthly pages. I finally got tired to drawing out the full calendar spread, so I condensed the entire monthly log to one page. It looks almost exactly like the original bullet journal monthly log format. I’m not sure I really like it, but we’ll see. It was certainly a lot faster to make.


I did keep the expense tracker because that’s useful for a monthly page.

The other big change was that I got rid of the monthly tracker. Sure, it looks nice with all the colors, but again, it was a huge pain to make. Instead, I’m switching it over to weekly trackers.


I also changed up my weekly spread format a bit. It’s now more like a weekly overview sort of layout, with all the days on one page, and other things on the opposite page. It turns out that I don’t actually need a huge amount of space for the weekly spread, especially if I do daily logs as well.

On the bottom right is the weekly tracker. I think it looks nicer this way. Yeah, I do have to draw it out every week, but it’s less effort to do so. Plus, I do like having the flexibility to potentially track different things from week to week as needed.


I used to do daily logs, and then I stopped, and now I’m doing them again. I just can’t seem to decide whether I like them or not. It’s hard to predict how many pages they will take. But this time, I’m just going to keep an open mind, and also just let myself skip days when I don’t need them. My weekly overview contains almost everything anyways, and some days just don’t really merit making a daily entry. One of the nice advantages of dailies is that you can get a lot more room to journal and have other stuff besides planning. For example, I finally started logging my meals. Plus, I get to make cute doodles and be more creative with more room.

So yeah, a lot of changes to my system this month! I’m really excited to see how this works out for me.

Cheers (^◇^)


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