Ok but Agust D tho

Agust D is amazing. Suga is amazing. Min Yoongi is amazing.


I generally try to keep it low key, but I really really like BTS. I haven’t been this into a specific band/singer/musical act since like middle school. And like literally every other BTS fan, my favorite member changes very frequently. But damn, if I had to pick an all-time favorite, it would be Suga, every time.

Let’s talk about that mixtape though. Everyone’s expectations were so high, and damn did he deliver. I mean, it’s not that surprising, since apparently the guy worked on it for like over two years, but damn.

I generally don’t get overwhelmed by songs very much, especially not kpop (though Agust D isn’t really kpop, is it?). And I don’t really know a whole lot about music in general (despite playing the piano for over ten years). So usually, when I listen to songs, I tend to focus a lot on lyrics. In most popular music today, I tend to find the lyrics very… disappointing. Nearly every song is on topics that I personally have little to no interest in currently (het romantic love, mostly).

But Agust D? Has none of that shit. I’ve noticed that Suga in general tends to focus on music and his career the most. Which is pretty exactly what I want from celebrities I follow. (Not that I’m opposed to idols dating, because I’m perfectly fine with it, but I just dislike romantic love themes in songs because they’re so overdone.) The entire mixtape is just him rapping his heart out about his life, what struggles he’s faced, and following your dreams. It’s very personal and relatable and honest, and I love that a lot.

I like all the tracks, but my favorite by far is The Last. I legit teared up reading the lyrics. I think this one track struck the hearts of quite a lot of fans who are able to relate even a little bit. Plus, it’s not often that any idol will openly talk about mental health/illness, so even more people really liked that. So Far Away is my second favorite, and Suran’s voice fits really well with the track. Suga’s voice, too, fits with the style so well. This applies for nearly all the tracks, but his voice sounds very raw. Like there’s kind of a raspy tone to it, and it just sounds very genuine.

While I was pleasantly surprised that Suga’s lyrics were so open in the mixtape, I was also not all that surprised? Because his lyrics and songs have been suggesting it for a while now I think. (Plus, some parts of the mixtape are apparently like two years old too.) Several of my favorite BTS songs were written by Suga as well. Tomorrow and Jump were both written like years back before he even debuted, and they’re wonderful. Both very uplifting in different ways. Nevermind I think was a pretty good preview of what Suga can do and what his mixtape would kind of be like. So yeah, I was sort of expecting his mixtape to be like a more lit version of some of Suga’s previous songs, and it was all of that and more. Because it’s a mixtape that’s just online available for anyone to download, no one has to worry about commercial success, so Suga was really able to just let go and do what he wanted, and the product is everything the fans wanted.

Right so yeah. This post was a little all over the place and my sentences are kind of all over the place as well. I’m not all that great at reviewing any type of music. I just know what I like, and I like Agust D a lot.

Cheers .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙


10 thoughts on “Ok but Agust D tho

  1. I really liked this article! As a BTS fan myself, I relate to this post! I did expect Suga’s mixtape to have a few bits about his life and struggles and such, bit what I didn’t expect was a tracklist that would blow me away. While I did know he had his share of difficulties in life, I had no idea he had to go through so much pain… Agust D blew me away, tbh. Wat to go, Suga!

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