My planning routine~

I don’t have a rigid planning routine or anything, but I do regularly do stuff in order to keep up my bullet journal and I have started establishing a few planning habits.



Every night, usually a little bit before I go to sleep, I look over my journal to check off tasks, evaluate the day, migrate tasks, and fill out my habit tracker. If there is time, or if there is something I want to record, I might do a bit of journaling as well. I try to keep it simple on a day-to-day basis. Personally, I don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of time on daily planning activities. As long as everything is organized, I’m good.


I do weekly spreads for my actual planning (no dailies), so every week, I’ll create a new weekly spread in my journal. I’m still in the process of deciding what layout I like best and is most suited for my life. It’s really fun to try out the different layouts, so I think I’ll write a post about it in the future just on weekly layouts. 🙂

While filling in my week, I also refer back on my monthly spread and try to do a bit of reflecting to figure out what’s working (both for the journal and for my life in general) so I can plan out the next week. I’ll assign certain tasks to days when I think I can get them done. However, this also kind of depends on the layout I’m using, which I’m still figuring out. For example, last week, I tried out a layout with a giant weekly to-do list instead of daily to-do lists. We’ll see what layout I settle on (I don’t know either!), but I still tend to make my to-do lists on a weekly basis. I generally do this on Sundays, since my weekly spreads always start on Mondays.


Monthly pages are the most time-consuming and tedious. I generally do this on the last weekend of each month. My journal has completely blank pages, so I have to use a ruler to measure everything one when I want to draw in a calendar and stuff. I’ve been using a calendar layout, instead of the calendex from the original bullet journal, because I like it better visually. But lately I’ve been thinking that I might want to try a different sort of layout for my monthly calendar, so we’ll see. I set my goals for the month on the same page. As for what’s in the actual calendar, I just put bigger events, blog post schedules, etc. I posted a Plan With Me for August earlier that explains in a little more detail, as well as my other monthly pages (just an expense log and habit tracker).


I actually don’t really do anything else. I tend to make other kinds of pages whenever I want and/or need them, so there’s no set schedule for those. Sometimes I’ll do a page on a certain day for instagram or something, but that’s not that often. I’m not in the habit of doing extensive reflections (I tend to ruminate quite a bit, though I’m working on it), so I don’t have a routine for that or free-form journaling. So yeah. Right now, my planning routine is really simple, and takes very little time, so I’m happy.

Cheers ⊂((・▽・))⊃



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