The importance of a clean laptop

My current laptop is also my first laptop, and I’ve had it for almost exactly 4 years now. It’s served me well all through college and I don’t see myself getting a new one anytime soon. It basically holds my entire life in its clutches at this point, tbch. When I say that it’s important to keep it clean, I mean both inside and out. It’s so freeing, okay.


My laptop is a mammoth. It’s a 15″ Sony Vaio and runs Windows 7 (I refuse to switch to Windows 10). It’s survived a complete crash and recovery, several failed backups, and my technologically impaired self. I do my best to keep it in as good of a condition as I can, but a human can only do so much, you know?

It helps a lot that I was always one of those people who didn’t keep a whole bunch of stuff cluttering up the desktop, because that just obscures the pretty wallpaper. That’s like step one of keeping your laptop semi-presentable. Just clear up the desktop. Keep it that way by having a wallpaper picture you don’t want covered. Mine currently looks like this:

laptop screen.png

Yeah, half of those icons are useless. I don’t even use some of those programs anymore (lookin at u spartan). You’ll notice that all of them are out of the effing way. That one text file in the center is there because I want it to be noticed as often as possible. It’s a text file called “you are awesome” and contains a bunch of compliments to myself that I read when I’m down (more on that in a future self-care post). Yeah, the wallpaper picture is a screenshot from a BTS music video (Young Forever, listen to it with subtitles it’s great). It’s something that I don’t want covered. It might also be the header picture on this blog as well… and also my phone background… I really like BTS okay. Speaking of phones, I keep my phone screen also as clear of apps as I can. I only put my most-used apps and those are also in folders so I can see the pretty picture. I imagine it would work even better if you use your bias’ face(s) so you do you.

A good way to keep your folders and stuff organized is to just go through them and delete the junk. It’s exactly like cleaning out your closet or bookshelf. Just toss the stuff you don’t use ever. Obviously, keep important stuff like tax documents or whatever, but I really don’t think you’ll ever look at that paper you wrote for that one class three years ago. If you really want to keep it, move it over to your google drive or dropbox or something. Also folders are your friends. I have things in folders within folders within folders. That way if I want to dig through to find that paper from three years ago, I can do into my documents and then find the year and the class I wrote that paper for.

The peace of mind that you get when you know exactly where everything is, is amazing. So freeing. You never have to worry about losing track of stuff. Believe me, I used to dump all the anime episodes I downloaded into one folder and it was a huge pain to go through to find the one I wanted to watch.

Make sure you backup those files though. Especially if you have important stuff on there. Backup those files! Do it regularly! My laptop completely broke down one summer and I nearly lost everything. Luckily an emergency backup saved most of it, but ever since then, I’ve been scared into backing up my entire hard drive every few weeks. I use an external hard drive. Some people backup stuff into a cloud drive I think, but the external hard drive is physically there and gives me peace of mind.

Also. Cleaning the outside of your laptop is also really important too. Being the college student that I was, I would eat snacks and sometimes entire meals in front of my laptop. I got a keyboard cover within two weeks of classes starting because I kept dropping crumbs on my keyboard. Not fun. It’s gross. Clean the keyboard cover from time to time as well. Just use like a damp paper towel or something and let it dry completely before putting it back on. If you have extras of those cloth things you use to clean your glasses, those are pretty good for getting all the dust off the screen too. So then when you sit outside and the sun shines on your screen, you’ll be able to still actually see.

Anyways, yeah. I don’t really know why I decided to write about this lol. I recently had to clean out some stuff (cough old anime episodes cough) and also had some trouble successfully backing up files, so I’m reminding myself of these things too I guess.

What does your desktop look like? Are you one of those people who likes organized chaos? Or do you keep it as bare as possible like me?

Cheers (◎`・ω・´)ゞ


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