Plan with me: August setup

Hello hello, it is the start of a new month, which means I get to experiment more with my bullet journal! I’ve learned a lot in the past couple of months I’ve been trying out this system, and I think I’m starting to settle into my style. For August, I changed up and improved a few things, and I have some new things to try out too.



My journal doesn’t have numbered pages, and I’m too lazy to number them all by hand, so I’ve worked out a system where I only keep track of the pages that are more significant. I use those colored sticky tab things and write a number on there; then I keep a list in the back of my journal that tells me what each page contains. These pages are usually collections and lists that I refer back to often. I was using a small piece of note paper to keep track of these, but that filled up quickly, so I started another one. Which meant that I needed a place to put the old list (which contains many pages that I don’t refer to as often now). I set aside a spread to tape the old list in, and since I had an extra page, I created a key for the current bullet system I use. This bullet system is not the original one, and I actually haven’t seen anyone else use it, but it works best for me. Since my journal has blank pages, I’m not constrained by grids or dots, which I didn’t really like at first, but have gotten used to. It’s a little strange having a key in the middle of the notebook, but whatever, lol.


And now on the actual August pages! I still really like the calendar layout, so I kept it for this month. My July calendar ended up getting really cluttered, because I started trying to plan out my daily tasks on there. The page spread was not nearly big enough for that, so just kept it to the most significant events this month. I also switched up the goals list a little, just for some visual interest. I’m not sure I like it all that much, so I’m still figuring how I’m going to do goal setting in the future. I also have some of the prompts for the planwithmechallenge on instagram, which I participate in on a semi-regular basis when the prompts are more relevant to me.


The only other monthly pages I have are the expense log and the habit tracker. I had both of these last month as well, and liked them so much I kept it for this month. The expense log actually starts before August, because it falls more in line with when I get my credit card bill. I changed up the habit tracker just a little bit, but most of everything is the same as before. I don’t have all that many habits I’m trying to keep consistent anyways. The biggest change is the times when I consider waking up and sleeping to be early. Darn you, job. I want to sleep more but I can’t. It’s not that bad, though. I think I’m starting to get the hang of waking up early and actually being a functional human being before noon.


Finally, my weekly spread! This is a new format I was trying out, and I really like it. For next week, I think I’ll try something different, because I want to figure out a way to work a meal tracker/planner into the weekly spread, but I’m not sure yet. I don’t use daily pages because I like being able to see my entire week on one spread. If I ever decide to do more of actual journaling, daily pages might make an appearance, but for now, they’re kind of useless for me.


And finally I want to show the newest tabbed page- a list of helpful tips for when my anxiety gets too much. These grounding exercises all help me pretty well personally. It’s also an example of what I hope my non-scheduling-type pages will look like: more colorful and creative. I used to draw a lot more in middle and high school, but have sort of put it by the wayside since college got busy. I hope to pick up at least more doodling now, so that’s why there’s Lambo in the corner over there. (Who are you? I am Lambo~ Who am I? You are Lambo~ I’m~ Lambo~)

So yeah, this is the state of my planner/journal right now. I hope to make it even nicer and tailored to my life in the future. If you want to, please leave a comment below on what your August setup or general planner setup is!

Cheers *:゚*。⋆ฺ(*´◡`)


3 thoughts on “Plan with me: August setup

  1. I don’t have an August setup. ;w; (I just kinda… plan in my head!?)
    Your notes are extremely nice though! I envy you for being so organised. Meanwhile, on the other hand I… am a filthy mess.

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    • Haha, thank you! I find that I’m more motivated to do stuff if I make an effort to actually plan it out. Impressive that you can plan in your head- I think my life would fall apart if I tried that lol

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