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Ahhh, let’s write about something frivolous today. I’m not a big makeup or skincare person, certainly miles away from those really cool beauty bloggers out there, but I did go through a phase in high school where I was more stereotypically feminine than I currently am. This post isn’t even meant to give out tips or recommendations or anything (though I’m not being sponsored or anything, so these are just my genuine opinions), but hey, it’d be great if you get something out of it or you want to recommend something to me.


I guess let’s start from the very beginning, with skincare? I’ve been getting more vigilant about my skin now that I’ve graduated college and become a legit adult. Which means I’m growing old as opposed to growing up (let’s be real here, I’m never growing up). So yeah, I’ve sort of started looking into things like having an actual skincare regimen with more products than just lotion. Here’s my current (and still very bare-bones) routine:

  • In the mornings, I just wash my face with cold water. I don’t take showers in the mornings, and I don’t like washing my face over the sink, so just a splash of water to wake me up will do.
  • I do like to go over my face with a micellar water to get rid of any lingering stuff. the simple micellar water works fine. I think Garnier makes one too, so I can’t tell the difference.
  • My morning face lotion has SPF, as all daytime moisturizers should. Also you don’t have to put on both lotion and sunscreen, which saves you a step. I like Neutrogena’s visibly even face lotion with spf 30. The texture is nice, it spreads evenly, and has an unoffensive scent. Plus, it doesn’t make my skin go all oily two hours later (my current moisturizer, Olay’s all day face lotion, tends to do that, so I’m switching back asap). Also, the neutrogena lotion is probably in some sort of magically expanded tube, because it somehow lasts me forever and a day despite being a fairly small container.
  • Before I ran out, I was using the Origins Ginzing eye cream, which was pretty nice. I’m not too worried about using an eye cream, but I think I probably start, if only for the placebo effect.
  • For nighttime, I wash my face in the shower. I really like the l’oreal 360 something something face wash. I use the white unscented one. I mostly just like the little scrubbing thing it comes with, because that means I can exert less energy into washing my face.
  • For makeup remover, I don’t wear makeup all that much, and usually just depend on my face wash. But for eye makeup, particularly waterproof mascara, I just use a normal bi-phase cleanser and a cotton ball. I like the maybelline clean express waterproof eye makeup remover- it’s not as oily as most, because it’s oil free I think. And I can wash off the makeup remover residue with the face wash.
  • I tend to keep an acne spot treatment handy in case a stray pimple pops up, which usually happens just before that time of the month. I use a salicylic acid treatment, because my skin responds to that well. Clean and clear makes a good one.
  • For nighttime moisturizer, I really like gel lotions. They’re very light and refreshing, which feels great after a shower. Garnier makes a good one, and has versions for dry and normal skin. I’ve also heard that Biotherm is pretty good, though that’s more expensive. But I can’t stand even normal lotions anymore, because I feel like they’re just really heavy on my face. Gel lotion gives me sufficient moisturization while still being light and not oily feeling, and they also don’t make my skin feel tight, so that’s a win-win for me.
  • Lastly, I’ve recently started using sheet masks. I just buy korean sheet masks in large packs from amazon; they’re so cheap, and they come in a variety of types. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t keep using the same kind of mask all the time, so that’s nice, I guess. The masks are really cool and make me feel really fancy, haha. You can also get them at like sephora, or forever 21 (why?), and I think I saw some at target? The whole asian skincare craze is going strong right now in the US, so you can find similar products pretty easily I think. The asian ones seem a bit more affordable, though, even with shipping involved. I still don’t bu into the whole 10-step korean skincare routine crap, but I do see how adding a few products to your basic skincare routine can be nice.

Okay, now for all the extra stuff that goes on top of your skin: makeup. I hardly wear makeup at all these days, to be honest. First of all, it’s summer and it’s hot. Also it takes time to apply nicely, and I didn’t have the time in college so I got out of the habit. However, during high school, when I was first exploring makeup, I ended up trying out a good range of products (mostly from the drugstore), and found ones that work well for me, so here they are:

  • I don’t use a primer, but I really liked l’oreal’s magic perfecting base primer (considering I still remember the name despite not using it for years is testament enough, imo). It’s pretty affordable, but primer isn’t essential to my routine, so I considered it unnecessary. Though, nowadays my skin has been getting a little oilier, so I might start using a primer again.
  • Foundation is completely unnecessary for me, so I’ve never used one.
  • My favorite concealer is discontinued. I used to really like maybelline’s 24hr concealer (I think it had a pink cap on its wand applicator?) but I can’t find it anymore. I currently use maybelline’s better skin concealer, but I might switch to a new one soon. I also like hard candy’s heavy duty concealer (the one that comes out of a squeeze tube and is marketed for tattoos) because it does an excellent job of covering up four years of dark undereye circles.
  • I do use a setting powder, and my favorite is the l’oreal perfect match pressed powder. It’s so smooth. Rimmel also has a pretty good pressed powder if you want something even cheaper.
  • I never ever wear blush or bronzer. My skin is not pale, and I don’t really like the look of it anyways. Similarly, I also don’t wear highlighter or any other additional fancy face stuff.
  • Pencil eyeliner is the only kind of eyeliner I like. I’ve tried gel and liquid and never got the hang of it. Automatic pencil eyeliners are super convenient to use. I like a dark brown shade, because it’s a softer look than black, though I could get away with black easily with my coloring. I usually use the same eyeliner to fill in my brows a little bit, but my brows are pretty thick already, so I don’t need a lot.
  • My eyelashes are straight and don’t hold a curl, ugh. Only waterproof mascara doesn’t leave dark smudges at the end of the day and sometimes it still leaves a little bit of a smudge. My favorite mascara is Revlon’s Lash Potion waterproof mascara in the darkest black I can find.
  • I’m not really a fan of eyeshadow and stuff, because I have monolids and they’re a little hard to work with. I usually just use a single neutral color, if that. I like l’oreal’s infallible eyeshadow, the pressed kind that comes in the sqaure-ish pots.
  • For lips, I just stick with a tinted lip balm. Sephora’s egg-shaped lip balms are super cute, very tasty, and extremely smooth and pigmented. I love them.
  • Not exactly makeup, but my favorite scent is Marchesa’s Parfum d’Extase. It’s got a light, slightly soapy smell on me that I really like. The dry down is also not too strong, and not too spicy or woodsy, so I love it.

In conclusion, makeup and sprucing up in general is kind of a pain, but nice when you have the time to make it look good. Skincare is important, though, so I’m looking to step that up in the near future.

Cheers (ง ◕ั⌑◕ั)ว ⁾


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