More games, mostly amnesia

No, not the dark descent. I tried playing that one (read: my friend coerced me into it) but made it all of three steps before I quit in fear. I’m talking about that otome game. You know, the one where one of the guys locks you up in a cage? Or the numerous ways you can be killed either by your love interest or their fangirls? Yeah, that one.


Okay, so I didn’t purposely get into it… Some fellow anime enthusiasts were joking about it (the anime is terrible too), and it was on sale on steam, so we tried playing it. Mostly just to see what the whole ridiculous yandere thing was like. For anyone not familiar with the game or anime, Amnesia is about a girl who loses her memories, causing a spirit of inhabit her mind, and they’re supposed to be working together to regain her memories. You choose which guy you want to end up with at the beginning, and then you can play through and end up with a good end, a normal end, or one of several bad ends. It’s the bad ends that are most infamous, because one yandere guy locks you up in a cage and several bad ends involve you (the main girl) being killed. Even the good ends are cringey. At least there are mini-games, where you can play air hockey or rock paper scissors with the boys lol. Originally, I was just going to play a little bit just to see the really bad ends. But then I found out that you have to play through all the standard routes to get Ukyo’s route, which is the one with seven bad ends, all of which end in your death. So yeah, I ended up playing through most of the game. By now I’ve gotten every ending except for Kent’s bad ends (because Kent is my favorite and I can’t handle his bad ends yet).

Let me tell you about Kent okay. He is the best boy. The best. This dude is a huge nerd who’s a grad student in math, and he makes math puzzles in his spare time, and also cultivates plants? If you play his route, he gives you math questions lol. Also his route is the only one to not involve any terrible thing at all. Like even for the good ends in the other routes, there’s attempts on your life and stuff. But Kent’s best route (the good end) basically just involves standard couple misunderstanding and miscommunication of feelings. (On the other hand, his route could be argued to be the worst because of that one flashback to before you lost your memories…) Anyways, Kent is adorable and my favorite. Shin’s route is okay too; I really like his hair style. But the others all involve unhealthy relationships, even in the good ends, so… yeah.

Along the same lines of ridiculous otome games, I’ve also played a bit of Hatoful Boyfriend. You know, the one with the pigeons? It’s so weird. You’d think it was full ridiculousness and comedy but it’s not?? I heard about something involving the mafia and experimentation??? Who knows. I haven’t played enough to get that far, haha. One of my friends also recently gifted me with a copy of this chinese dating sim about this dude who has to get a girlfriend before college examinations?? We’ll see how that goes.

Cheers (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)


7 thoughts on “More games, mostly amnesia

  1. Thanks for the review. I actually enjoyed the game and thought each guy’s story was unique. However, I do agree with you that the Yandere ending was creepy.


  2. I played Amnesia just to humour myself as well, and to be honest, Toma’s route wasn’t that terrifying. I’ve read much, MUCH worse. He’s pretty tame, in my personal opinion. That doesn’t mean he would make a good husband, though. What I find hilarious is according to a Japanese poll of Amnesia Memories, Toma is the most popular guy, and Kent’s the least popular. (Order from least to greatest: Toma, Ikki, Shin, Ukyo, then Kent).
    When I played Kent’s route, I was surprised that a lot of people lived him. Like seriously, didn’t know girls were into doing math problems. :^) But I do see the appeal of him, as you mentioned, it was more of those classical sim date routes focused on the relationship itself, not the heroine is always in danger and her WHITE KNIGHT saves her or whatever.
    Also, Hatoful Boyfriend is great! I really liked Holiday Star too. The story is actually a lot deeper and better than most otome games, in my personal opinion.

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    • Haha, yeah I heard about the polls of best amnesia boys… according of a friend of a friend, the biggest appeal of yandere types is the whole being completely protected thing? Like apparently some people like the idea of someone “loving” you so much that they literally do anything to keep you. But idk Kent’s the closest to my type out of all of them, so maybe that’s why he’s my favorite lol. I still haven’t gotten much of a chance to really delve into hatoful bf yet, but I do look forward to it! I heard the doctor guy’s route is really interesting. Thanks for the comment!


      • The doctor’s route is uh… disturbing.
        To be honest with you, I’m into very specific yandere types, and I’m more into the unconditional love rather than being protected. Seems like some people have stockholm syndrome 😛


  3. I’ve been trying to finish the game, but I just can’t get the motivation. I’ve finished Ikki’s and Toma’s route. But I can’t get my ass to play the others. But,… gahhh! I really want to play Ukyo’s bad ends. Lol. Just ranting!

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    • Hahaha, I didn’t really have the motivation to play all of the routes either. I cheated and used a walkthrough for some of the good ends (Ikki’s and Toma’s actually lol) so I could get to Ukyo faster *shifty eyes* I plan on going back and actually engaging in those routes at some point, but it’s a little hard when you don’t have the motivation for some of them- I feel you.

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