Neko atsume is ruining my life

I don’t have irl cats, but neko atsume does a pretty good job of filling the void in my heart.


I started playing this game last year, but a series of unfortunate events happened that resulted in me only just getting (almost) all the cats recently. I used to have an older samsung galaxy s2 with really bad battery life, so it took me weeks to come close to getting all the cats. But just as I was coming close, I had to factory reset my phone because something was wrong with it (I still don’t know what; it was probably just really old). So I had to start over. And then I had to reset it again midway through getting the cats, which was the last straw for me. So I got a new phone a couple of months ago, but I got so busy that I couldn’t dedicate the time for my cats, and that’s how I ended up only just now having a near complete collection. The two newest rare cats (that come for the tower of treats) haven’t been by yet, but that’s because I haven’t been leaving tower of treats out for a while.

But man, neko atsume is so addicting. It’s exactly what I want out of cats- you don’t have to take care of them, but can still play with them. I recently renamed all my cats too. My favorite is snowball mostly because she’s always the first to come to your yard and she’s precious and beautiful. I renamed her hedwig, haha. My favorite rare cat is probably xerxes, maybe rameses. Their mementos are nice too.

Speaking of collecting games, there’s also notice me senpai. It’s less cute, because I favor cats over men. Notice me senpai is a bit better about updating regularly with new stuff. Lately they had the summer update with two new remodels and new items and new senpai, and I spent like all of my coins because the items in notice me senpai cost more. Also you can change the senpai’s outfits. That was my favorite update because it came right on time. I was getting bored of the game really fast at that point, because all I was doing was collecting the coins and they were piling up with nowhere to spend it. So the outfit update was great, and I completely spent all of my money and got new clothes for all the senpai, haha. At enough visits, the senpai also leave notes, and then they have those cutscene types things that you see in otome games. The art leaves a lot of be desired, because the senpai mostly just look kind of creepy, but whatever it’s cool. The whole super love mode thing when you max out the hearts is a little creepy too, but I still do it lol.

I don’t play a lot of games on my phone, hence the low-responsibility collecting games. They’re cute and very low maintenance, which is great if you’re busy or just don’t want to drain your phone battery playing games. One exception I do make is a game called giant turnip, where you tap the screen to pull up vegetables. It’s got cute animals and that’s all I need tbh. I also want to give a shoutout to all of rayark’s games, because I play cytus on my tablet a lot (the game file is huge gdi) and their other games are really good too. So yeah, I’m not too into gaming or anything, but once in a while is fun, especially if there are cute mascots.

Cheers (ペ◇゚)」


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