Summer anime time!

A new season is upon us. All the spring season shows are finishing up (or at least all the ones I’m watching). So today I’ll be talking about what shows I liked during spring, and what shows I’m looking forward to for summer season.

Spring shows I watched:

flying witch Flying Witch- A lovely, calm, charming slice-of-life. It’s a little like a grown-up Kiki’s Delivery Service. Very nice to watch as a way to wind down at the end of the day. Absolutely no drama. Everyone is cute.

joker Joker Game- Kind of like a spy movie? I enjoyed watching it every week, but this isn’t a good show to binge-watch because the episodes can get a little boring back to back. Each episode features a different spy, so you don’t get to see character development much. I liked the spy tricks and stuff.

kabaneri Koutetsujou no Kabaneri- The biggest surprise. I initially wasn’t going to watch it, but my friend and I were playing games and while waiting for the game to load we say that it was up so we watched the first episode for the heck of it. Attack on Titan ripoff it is not. First of all, Ikoma is a lot less of an angsty yelling teenager, haha. I also liked the whole steampunk theme, and the animation was good (duh), and Ikoma’s voice actor is definitely one that I’m going to watch out for in the future.

sakamoto Sakamoto desu ga?- Started out really great. I’ve gotten a bit tired of the same old formula of Sakamoto being cool. Especially because I don’t find most of the things he does particularly cool? Idk. It’s okay but definitely not my favorite this season.

maid Shounen Maid- Another one that I wasn’t going to watch, because it seemed like some really creepy bl anime (like Super Lovers lmao). But the anime group at my uni was doing the season sampler, and we watched it just to see. And it was definitely not what anyone expected. It’s so pure, guys. It’s so pure and beautiful and not creepy at all. Just some heart-warming fun family time and Chihiro being super cute.

tanaka Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge- Ah, yes. Tanaka-kun, my spirit animal. Another one of those very calm, slice-of-life anime. Also low drama, and filled with cute. Miyano is literally the cutest omg she is so cute. So. Cute. I feel you, Ecchan.

I also started watching Bungou Stray Dogs, because it had a few voice actors I liked, but I dropped it after a few episodes, because I got bored and I was already watching a lot of shows. I also wasn’t watching any ongoing shows (leftovers from previous seasons or long-running shows). So, this season is going to be a completely new set of shows. Every season’s variety of shows also determines how many shows I watch- I might watch shows I normally might drop because there is a lack of other good shows, for example. Or I might drop shows I would normally watch during a slower season (I would have watch Bungou Stray Dogs all the way through if I wasn’t watching some of the others).

Summer shows I plan on checking out:

91Days- Oh man, Ling Toshite Sigure has the opening theme. Several of my favorite voice actors. Art and animation looks good, and plot seems interesting. PV

B-Project: Kodou Ambitious- LMAO another idol group anime. I’ve actually already heard some of the songs, and I’ve liked them okay. All the voice actors are ones who I like (Kato Kazuki is also in this!!!!). Kind of excited, but also not getting my hopes up because it’s probably going to be pretty boring plot-wise. Looking forward to the songs and eye-candy though. (PV is blocked on youtube in the US)

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! Love!- LMAOOOO I watched the first season and was pretty entertained so I’m definitely watching this second season. It looks even gayer than the last season. (PV is also blocked on youtube in the US. Why must you do this to us, Pony Canyon??)

Cheer Danshi!!- THERE’S NO END TO THESE SHOWS OMG. I just. They’ve run out of the traditional sports for sports anime so they’ve gone on to cheerleading. (That figure skating one is also going to be out sometime this year, I think? It’s called Yuri!! on Ice, and the Yuri is the guy’s name, so it’s not actually yuri, unfortunately. What I would do for a good yuri anime though.) I’m always up for acrobatics, so hell yeah. Again, a couple of voice actors I know and like. Also the suggested videos on the side of my youtube shows an actual male cheerleading competition, haha. PV

Handa-kun- A sort of prequel to Barakamon, which I absolutely loved when it aired. Handa isn’t my favorite character though, so we’ll see how it goes. I haven’t read the manga for this yet. PV

Mob Psycho 100- From the dude that created One Punch Man. The anime is keeping the original webcomic style though, since this one didn’t have Murata Yusuke re-draw it. I haven’t read the original yet (and I’m not keeping up with One Punch Man either anymore lmao), but it looks okay. I’ll at least watch the first episode. PV

Orange- I’ve heard a lot about this manga, and all of them were good things. I haven’t read it yet, so I might watch the anime instead. I might just end up reading the manga and dropping the anime though. Generally, high school romances are not my thing (AT ALL), but I’ve heard that this one is good. PV

Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara- I watched the first season, and am kind of sort of keeping up with the manga, so might as well. I already know that the food is going to be super good this season, so that’s exciting. The only things I’m interested in for this series is the food, my waifu Megumi, and my son Takumi lol. PV

Tsukiuta the Animation- Dammit another male idol anime. Ever since I watched Uta no Prince-sama all those years ago, I always feel like I need to watch or at least check out every other one. And this season there are two, gdi. This one has groups that are very EXO-like though, so I’m preparing to at least laugh at the ridiculousness of everything. They brought in a whole bunch of popular male voice actors for this though like damn. (Though Miyano Mamoru and Kamiya Hiroshi are very conspicuously absent…) PV

There are so many shows with my favorite voice actors in them this season though. I mean, I’m probably going to drop like half of these after the first couple of episodes. The only “serious” shows on this list are 91Days and Orange. I get the feeling I’ll be dropping Handa-kun and Orange pretty early on, because there’s the manga. I’ll probably just be skipping through Shokugeki no Souma and only watch the parts I liked in the manga (the food reveals, and Megumi and Takumi’s scenes haha). The four fujoshi shows are probably going to be hit or miss. I’ll definitely watch through Binan Koukou, if only because I already watch all of the first season. Who knows about the other three. I can’t wait for the figure skating anime though- the animation and soundtrack all seem really excellent in the PV, but who knows when it’s going to air. I’m probably going to get around to watching all the Ajin movies sometime once the last one comes out; I really liked the anime. Will probably get around to reading the manga sometime in the future too. Overall, I’m kind of a medium level of excited for this season. Not bad, but nothing I’m super looking forward to either. Let’s hope there are some hidden gems in there.

Cheers ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ


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