Taking care of my body pt. 2

I had a headache all afternoon today because I got my eyes dilated at the optometrist’s; on the plus side, I got new glasses frames. Because of the headache and not being able to see very well, i almost didn’t go running today, but since exercise is usually a good way to sort of unwind, I went for a shorter run. And thus, I come to the topic of today’s post: other ways I try to take care of my physical health.


First, exercise. I used to, still do, and probably always will detest exercising, but its benefits are too good and consequences are to bad for me to keep avoiding it. Exercising is not only good for reducing chronic diseases and strengthening your immune system, but it’s also good for your mood and cognitive functioning, plus lowering stress and anxiety. So yeah, exercise comes with all kinds of pros and pretty much no cons (unless you do it wrong, like if you’re injured or over-exercise). Moderate exercise is one of the biggest components of keeping a healthy body and mind healthy. Especially because I spend most of my day sitting in front of a laptop, getting up and moving around is important so that I don’t completely become a potato. I don’t even do all that much. Since I’m currently living with my parents, and they live in a nice neighborhood with lots of trees and a trail, my (almost) daily jogs are scenic and low impact. Going out for a run is hard to get started, but once you start, and have your playlist ready, it’s not a big deal and the shower afterwards feels really nice.


Second, I’ve recently been trying to eat healthier. As a college student, I and almost all of my classmates didn’t really give a damn about healthy food. The mozzarella sticks on campus were really good. Also, college life right? There’s a reason that the instant ramen thing exists. Ramen is good (my favorite is called hong ramyun, the mild flavor; I also like gomtang ramen for a not-spicy kind). But recently I’ve been more conscious, in an attempt to be an actual adult. I’ve discovered that fruit is good- lately I’ve been loving blueberries. My favorite fruit is banana, because it’s the most convenient fruit to eat, but I also like peaches and fuji apples and mandarin oranges and watermelon. Even though fruits are high in sugar, they also have vitamins, so they’re healthy, right? I’m still working on the vegetables part. I still have to practically smother them in some sort of sauce, which totally negates all the healthy parts, but whatever.

So as you can obviously see, I do make a (sort of sad) attempt to be healthy and take of my body properly, but I really only started being more conscious of my body and being conscious of the fact that I’m actually aging (ugh). It’s like I just became legally able to drink and now I have to start forcing myself to eat vegetables so that I don’t die. That’s kind of extreme, but that’s sort of what I have to tell myself so that I make actual, healthier choices for myself. But healthy is good! Be healthy everybody!!

Cheers (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


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