Taking care of my body pt. 1

Today I had a dentist appointment. The very words “dentist appointment” bring such horror. (ノдヽ) Luckily I don’t have any severe dental problems (I’m only 21!) so it was a relatively painless cleaning. They took some routine x-rays to check up on my wisdom teeth, which are still not actually visible. This particular dentist is someone my family has been going to for the past 15 years, so I’m pretty comfortable in that office too.

Today’s dental adventures, added on to my upcoming optometrist appointment, has got me thinking about taking care of my physical body outside of the standard eat-well-and-exercise routine.


Dental hygiene is important, people! Your teeth don’t grow back once they’re gone! And your gums don’t either if they recede!!!! It’s very very very terrifying!!!!!! Make sure you floss at least before you go to bed okay. Preferably after every meal is what they tell you but who even does that? Just floss once a day minimum when you can. Also brush your teeth carefully and get every crevice!! If you can afford it, I really like electric toothbrushes, because they do most of the work for you already lol. Just brush, and not too hard or your gums will hate you. Brush gently over your gums too. Also, a good mouthwash. Find a dentist you trust and take their advice okay. I haven’t had cavities for a few years now, which is actually a pretty good streak for me (I’m pretty sure I have like 5 fillings already in my adult teeth and I really really don’t want any more). Sorry if that’s all TMI, but TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH OKAY.


My eyes are also in pretty bad shape lmao I can’t even see my laptop screen clearly without my glasses. Contacts are terrifying, so glasses it is. I can pretend to be smart and also blind others with the reflection. (⌐▨_▨) I’m lucky that I’m on my parents’ insurance still, so I can get eye exams and dental cleanings and stuff without spending my entire savings account. My eyes have only gotten worse (not like they can get better any more than teeth can), because I spend most of my day in front of a computer monitor. I even got a chrome extension that reminds me every 20 minutes to take a short break and do some eye exercises (basically just moving your eyes around without moving your entire head), and when I actually remember to do them, I find that I can concentrate better. So, yeah, I guess that’s helpful.

Anyways, I originally had a more coherently outline planned for this post, but it’s late, and I have a couple of interviews tomorrow, so I have no energy to go back and make my writing fancier. This is my personal blog anyways, I can use all the cute kaomoji I want.

Cheers ٩( ᐛ )و


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